Mike Smith (Illustrator)


Breaking up (old sofas) is hard to do.


  1. R
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  2. mike
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    Interesting panel development mike – you’ll be leaving the diary behind soon – maybe you’re trapped? Borrowed a great book once on comic structure – will try and look it up…

  3. Mike
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    Think it was this one – quite cleverly used the medium to illuminate the medium – if you know what I mean…

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    Hi Mike — yes I’ve read that, it’s a brilliant book, a real eye-opener. He did another one more recently called ‘Making Comics’ which is also good.
    I did wonder about giving up on the diary format… I was going to do that last year, but one thing the diary has going for it is that I’m forced to do it every week. Without that it probably wouldn’t get done, to be honest. I’ll probably give it another year like this and then see where I am. I certainly need to try and do some different things that may or may not work.

  5. Mike
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    Cool – but Mike unless I’m mistaken – YOU’VE WHITED OUT THE LINES BETWEEN THE DAYS FERCRISSAKES! To get your custom panel structure in?
    Back at my ‘old’ home I’ve got a book of Bill Waterson’s ‘production’ drawings for C & H. Amazing – Tippex, scratchouts, masking tape and scribble everywhere. And he goes into the constraints of drawing a three-panel periodic ‘funny’ for mass circulation. Really quite tough.
    I commissioned some artwork from someone who drew Judge Dred for a while – never again she said. Might drive you bonkers if you did it for years. Jamie Hewlett (Gorillaz / Tank Girl etc) has said the same.

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    Ha Ha! Well I’m glad someone sees all the trouble I go to, sigh!
    All I can say is if Jamie Hewlett had to use Microsoft Word on a regular basis his opinion would soon change.

  7. Mike-ish
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    I’m Mike and so is my wife.