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Recipe for elderflower champagne


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    The most unexpectedly lovely thing I have ever made was elderflower fritters – just the flower heads dipped in a light batter and shallow-fried, then dredged with caster sugar and sprinkled with lemon juice. But I only made them once, more than half my lifetime ago now. I suspect the consistency of the batter is critical and I’ve no idea what recipe I used for it now.

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    “Mike on the toilet” is becoming a worryingly common theme on this blog.

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    If anyone’s looking for more of Mike on the toilet, here’s another:

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    By the way, here’s an elderflower recipe I meant to try since I first read it in the River Cottage Hedgerow book, but haven’t yet — Elderflower delight:


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    If anyone’s trying this, just to be clear: normal screw-topped wine bottles will definitely explode so don’t use them! I use plastic soda water bottles.