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Tent flap

Loaf needs dough!

Some extremely talented friends of mine are setting up a comic called Loaf, for 9-12 year-olds, and crowd-sourcing the funding. They have four days to go to reach their target and they’re very nearly there.

If you think you could pledge something to help it get off the ground, please go to www.peoplefund.it/loaf-magazine. You can get prints and artwork in return for a pledge.


Update: They made it! Now we can all look forward to a bright and breezy new comic. Hooray!




Post-holiday cards



Strip plug

I have a very silly four page story in this week’s Phoenix comic. Here is part of the beginning for a taster…

Phoenix strip

The Phoenix is a great story comic for kids, with no ads and no plastic rubbish on the front. To subscribe go here. I think you can buy individual issues in Waitrose.