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Tom and Jerry

Being self-employed

The Guardian website recently requested some readers’ experiences of being self-employed. I sent them an offering which predictably they didn’t use, so I thought I’d post it here. Maybe they thought it was too trite.

Cartoon about being self-employed

Anyway here is what the Guardian finally put up.

Strip plug

I have a very silly four page story in this week’s Phoenix comic. Here is part of the beginning for a taster…

Phoenix strip

The Phoenix is a great story comic for kids, with no ads and no plastic rubbish on the front. To subscribe go here. I think you can buy individual issues in Waitrose.

Taiga Forest

In Tomsk we met someone called Gregory who got together some of his mates with carrier bags full of vodka bottles, and took us into the Taiga Forest to murder us for a barbecue.

Travel sketchbook diary, London-Singapore by train: Russia: Taiga forest

Gregory turned out to be the perfect host, guiding us back out of the forest in the small hours.

Travel sketchbook diary, London-Singapore by train: Russia: Tomsk

The trouble with staying in hostels is that you get on a kind of treadmill, meeting only other tourists. (We tried to correct this by using the couchsurfing website.) I wish I’d done more cartoons like the one below, but the trains and buses were too clattery to draw in.

Travel sketchbook diary, London-Singapore by train: cartoon of international hostellers