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An update on The Hundred Decker Bus.

It’s been featured as one of Amazon’s Children’s Picks of the Month!

I’ve been asked whether it’s in the shops. The answer is yes, many independent bookshops seem to be stocking it. Furtive investigations by my mother-in-law special agent in the field have revealed that each Waterstones branch is stocking one copy, presumably to test the water. So if you are thinking of buying a copy then that would be a good place to go: it would encourage them to order more and perhaps even feature them. Apparently Asda are selling them too.

*This post is really just an excuse to use that pun. Newspaper subeditors, please feel free to steal it.

Bus queue

Book in Advance

Just the other day the postman delivered advance copies of my children’s book, due to be published in May by Macmillan. Forgive me if I plug it a bit here as it’s very exciting and has been years in the making.

In the next few weeks I’ll post some pictures from the book to get everybody whipped up into a frenzy of excitement.

Hundred Decker Bus books

Strip plug

I have a very silly four page story in this week’s Phoenix comic. Here is part of the beginning for a taster…

Phoenix strip

The Phoenix is a great story comic for kids, with no ads and no plastic rubbish on the front. To subscribe go here. I think you can buy individual issues in Waitrose.


Mike does his super-effective sales patter.