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Towel rail


Timing comic


An update on The Hundred Decker Bus.

It’s been featured as one of Amazon’s Children’s Picks of the Month!

I’ve been asked whether it’s in the shops. The answer is yes, many independent bookshops seem to be stocking it. Furtive investigations by my mother-in-law special agent in the field have revealed that each Waterstones branch is stocking one copy, presumably to test the water. So if you are thinking of buying a copy then that would be a good place to go: it would encourage them to order more and perhaps even feature them. Apparently Asda are selling them too.

*This post is really just an excuse to use that pun. Newspaper subeditors, please feel free to steal it.

Bus queue


Cold war

Any Other Busness

My book, The Hundred Decker Bus, is published in one week!

In celebration here is one of my favourite pages.

Hundred Decker Bus swimming pool